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No Installers
  • DroidJoy Server IconDroidJoy Server 2.1.0

    Turns Android devices into game controllers to play PC games, with support for customizable layouts.

  • H2testw IconH2testw 1.4

    Measure the available storage capacity of a USB drive.

  • GTA 1 IconGTA 1 1.0

    Open-world action-adventure game that allows players to explore a vast city.

  • Supercopier IconSupercopier

    Tool used for faster file copying and moving, often used as an alternative to the default file copying utility.

  • ChipGenius IconChipGenius 4.21.0701

    Identify information about USB devices including controller, chip vendor.

  • CoolTerm IconCoolTerm

    Software for communicating with serial devices with USB.

  • WinBox IconWinBox 3.40

    Remote desktop app with a interface for managing network devices.

  • WhatsApp IconWhatsApp 2.2418.6.0

    Messaging app that enables users to send text, voice messages, make voice.

  • Media Player Classic - Home Cinema IconMedia Player Classic - Home Cinema 2.2.1

    Play a wide range of video formats with minimal system resource usage.

  • Caffeine IconCaffeine 1.97

    Prevents the PC from going to sleep or activating the screensaver.

  • Odin3 IconOdin3 3.14.4

    Flash custom firmware on Samsung devices with Windows.

  • Any Video Converter IconAny Video Converter 8.2.6

    Video conversion tool that supports a wide range of formats.

  • v2rayN Iconv2rayN 6.43

    Multi-platform networking utility for secure Internet access.

  • Google Chrome Portable IconGoogle Chrome Portable 124.0.6367.202

    Lets you browse the web from anywhere by carrying browser settings.

  • Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime IconMicrosoft Edge WebView2 Runtime 124.0.2478.109

    Enables developers to embed web content in their apps.

  • SmadAV IconSmadAV 15.1

    Additional security software for USB protection.

  • Tencent Gaming Buddy IconTencent Gaming Buddy 1.0.12058.123

    Emulator to play mobile games on PC, optimizing performance.

  • Emu8086 IconEmu8086 4.08

    Simulates the functionality of x86 microprocessors.

  • Visual Studio 2019 IconVisual Studio 2019 16.11.34

    Integrated Development Environment for coding, debugging, compiling.

  • VLC Media Player IconVLC Media Player 3.0.20

    Multimedia player capable of playing a wide range of audio.

  • R4 3DS Emulator IconR4 3DS Emulator 1.4

    Allows users to play Nintendo 3DS games on a PC or mobile device.

  • WampServer IconWampServer 3.3.2

    Create and manage a local web server environment for developing and testing websites and web apps.

  • Tera Term IconTera Term 4.106

    Terminal emulation capabilities, with support for various protocols, such as SSH, Telnet.

  • GameLoop IconGameLoop 7.1"

    Allows users to play mobile games on PC, with keyboard mapping, HD graphics.

  • DroidCam IconDroidCam 6.5.2

    Use your phone as webcam.

  • Camo Studio IconCamo Studio

    Powerful video editing software for Windows with extensive editing.

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