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No Installers
  • DirectX 9.0c IconDirectX 9.0c 9.0c

    Updates the installation of DirectX to 9

  • DroidJoy Server IconDroidJoy Server 2.1.0

    Allows you to interface Android touchscreen and use it as a gaming controller input device with a network connection.

  • Typeit! IconTypeit! 4.994

    Helps you write and manage text documents in the Malayalam language.

  • WinBin2Iso IconWinBin2Iso 6.01

    WinBin2Iso convert BIN to ISO images. Also for files over 2GB.

  • v2rayN Iconv2rayN 5.39

    Private internet tunnel client software for the Xray core server.

  • ISO2GoD IconISO2GoD 1.3.6

    Convert an X-Box 360 ISO image into a Games on Demand game.

  • DirectX 10 IconDirectX 10 10

    Gaming driver for graphics cards enabling advanced features.

  • Supercopier IconSupercopier

    Replaces the Windows copy dialog and offers speed improvements over Windows.

  • Dahua SmartPSS IconDahua SmartPSS 2.003.0000004.0

    SmartPSS is a utility for video surveillance with monitoring functions, wide array of configuration tools for connected cameras, storage devices.

  • OpenVPN GUI IconOpenVPN GUI 2.6.0

    Interface which can configure and manage OpenVPN connections without the need for a CLI prompt or console window.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC IconAdobe Acrobat Reader DC 2022.003.20314

    Adobe download for its PDF reader with several PDF functions, mainly to read, print, export, merge, comment, fill.

  • Lenovo Vantage IconLenovo Vantage 10.2212.9.0

    Control center application and PC manager directly from Lenovo.

  • Mouse Recorder Pro 2 IconMouse Recorder Pro 2

    Easy software to record and repeat the movement and activity of the mouse with customization options.

  • Grub2Win IconGrub2Win

    Easily setup dual boot between Windows and Linux OS or even run Mac OS as another option on your PC.

  • ApkTool IconApkTool 2.7.0

    Reverse engineering software for snooping around Android APK files from the Play Store with a command line interface.

  • Adobe Flash Player Debugger IconAdobe Flash Player Debugger

    Even though Adobe has ended Flash, there is still a debugger available for anybody wishing to play these proprietary files.

  • Cent Browser IconCent Browser 5.0.1002.295

    A Chromium-based browser with a number of tweaks and optimizations.

  • Avast Free Antivirus IconAvast Free Antivirus 22.12.6044

    A very fast and effective free virus scanner produced by avast.

  • Google SketchUp IconGoogle SketchUp 20.0.373

    3D modelling app which can be used to draw models with polygons, circles, lines providing import.

  • R4 3DS Emulator IconR4 3DS Emulator 1.4

    A Nintendo 3DS emulator with flash card support.

  • Mendeley Reference Manager IconMendeley Reference Manager 2.80.1

    Tool for researchers to organize references, notes and PDF files.

  • 3uTools Icon3uTools 2.65.003

    IOS management utility for iPhone or iPad which can perform jailbreak, flash, file management, backup and advanced tasks.

  • Epson Event Manager Utility IconEpson Event Manager Utility 3.11.53

    Utility from EPSON for using scanners and accessing the control panel of the EPSON Scan Utility for launching scanning apps.

  • Samsung Tool IconSamsung Tool 20.5

    Proprietary Samsung phone unlocking tool which can flash the device with new.

  • Microsoft Word Viewer IconMicrosoft Word Viewer 12.0.6038.3000

    Legacy MS Word viewer with limited capabilities but with the ability to open DOC files.

  • KakaoTalk IconKakaoTalk

    An asian-based instant messaging program with lots of features.

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