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No Installers
  • WhatsApp for PC Icon
    WhatsApp for PC 2.2106.10.0
    A popular messaging app used as a free alternative to SMS messages
  • NVIDIA Display Control Panel Icon
    NVIDIA Display Control Panel 8.1.959.0
    NVIDIA display adapter management tool which can adjust image settings, resolution, multiple monitors, color, 3D effects, PhysX and monitor orientation
  • MEmu Icon
    A freeware Android emulator which supports playing of games from the Google Play store and running apps designed only for Android on a Windows PC desktop
  • Cakewalk Icon
    Cakewalk 2021.01.093
    A relaunched version of SONAR which is now called lengendary Cakewalk
  • Victoria Icon
    Victoria 5.35
    HDD and drive diagnostics for performance and repairs
  • Facebook Icon
    Facebook 186.2619.19263.0
    Keep in touch with friends, follow pages, groups and more
  • DirectX Icon
    DirectX 9.0c
    Update package from Microsoft that updates the installation of DirectX to 9.0c runtime which many modern games require
  • KMPlayer Icon
    KMPlayer 2021.01.25.10 x64
    Powerful universal media player for music and video with support for subtitles and DVD video playback
  • ThrottleStop Icon
    ThrottleStop 9.3
    A CPU benchmarking tool designed for Core 2 and Core I CPUs
  • CorelDRAW Icon
    CorelDRAW 2020
    Legacy version of a popular graphics editing program with support for photos, web graphics, drawing and various other tools by Corel
  • WinBin2Iso Icon
    WinBin2Iso 4.55
    WinBin2Iso convert BIN to ISO images. Also for files over 2GB
  • WhatsApp Icon
    WhatsApp 2.2037.6
    Access your WhatsApp chats, groups, images and audio from a desktop PC but without support for audio or video calling
  • Xperia Companion Icon
    Xperia Companion
    Update firmware, backup files and more on your Sony Android phone
  • MEGAsync Icon
    MEGAsync 4.4.0
    Synchronization software for the MEGA online cloud platform with full support for background backup and sync operations with 50GB for free users
  • Chromium Icon
    Chromium 91.0.4433.0
    A very fast and free open-source web browser with a minimalist design, stable build and full support for extensions from the Google Chrome store
  • AdwCleaner Icon
    AdwCleaner 8.1.0
    Effective, portable and fast adware and toolbar remover which scans for known adware which slows down or infects PCs
  • 3DP Chip Icon
    3DP Chip 21.02.1
    Find drivers for your hardware online free
  • Adobe Reader XI Icon
    Adobe Reader XI 11.0.23
    The original PDF reader for Windows
  • Caffeine Icon
    Caffeine 1.95
    Helps prevent your PC from locking or shutting down
  • HiSuite Icon
    Allows users to connect their Huawei phone to Windows
  • Silhouette Studio Icon
    Silhouette Studio 4.4.464
    A vector-based business card creator with drawing, text, geometric shape and coloring tools that works with Silhouette cutting machines with scanning, art...
  • FortiClient Icon
    All-in-one antivirus, VPN, anti-malware and web filtering package
  • UltraViewer Icon
    UltraViewer 6.2.109
    Connect to remote computers and create remote desktop sessions for providing technical support, file transfers and PC management
  • Signal Desktop Icon
    Signal Desktop 1.40.1
    Encrypted user-to-user messenger service with video, notes and images
  • Krita Icon
    Krita 4.4.2
    Free paint software for creative artists and amateurs with a number of drawing tools, image enhancements and effects for creating digital art
  • UltraUXThemePatcher Icon
    UltraUXThemePatcher 4.1.1
    Small tweak that removes restrictions placed upon installation of third party themes with step-by-step wizard

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