About LO4D.com

The general company blurb about us

A little about us and what we stand for

In a word: LO4D.com was created because of the rampant spread of virus- and malware-infected software on the largest download portals. 92% of the top 25 download directories do not test for viruses, while 66% of those that do test attempt to infect your system with multiple toolbars, spyware applications and other ghastly 'enhancements' anyways. LO4D.com is an oasis in a desert of a very mean Internet indeed.

Our mission is to provide netizens with high quality software which has been tested with some of the best antivirus applications. Pure and simple.
What we do:

The goal of our service is to provide a safe place to find updated software. We do this by leveraging several technologies we have developed in-house to identify quality software and review it without bias. We host a number of freeware and open source titles in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Our history:

The service of LO4D.com started with the development of a small software review site within a larger online portal operated by CCI Media. In 2010, we began modernizing our services and developed technology to test the trust, safety and reliability of software which we offered download links to.

It was in 2012 that we decided to spin off our software site to LO4D.com, a name which was originally registered to host our own content delivery network and the name 'LO4D' (pronounced 'load') seemed relevant.

Since the portal that originally contained software reviews had a mission to provide a place for free distribution of news and discussions about political topics, the software site seemed rather out of place and the decision was made to develop several improvements and launch them on this new service.

What makes LO4D.com different?

The core team behind LO4D.com has been involved with several online communities since the mid-90s. Not only are many of us software developers ourselves, but a couple of us have also been involved in the open-source community for decades. We truly believe in providing a quality resource to anybody that's interested. If we feel a software title is harmful to users, we removed it without blinking twice. And unlike many of our peers, we don't list software because it's likely to be listed in search engines. On the contrary, many of the popular titles we've listed on the site have since become ridden with malware and viruses and thus delisted (a staggering 42% as of June 2, 2012).

On top of actually caring about what we display on our site, we also make a strong effort to test all downloads on a regular basis. Not only are they tested for viruses and malware, but we also check user reviews and customer service ratings on popular web sites every now-and-then.

Our location:

We are one-hundred-percent North American! Everyone here at LO4D.com comes from a diverse group of cultures, but each one of us are native English speakers living in either Canada or the US. Being based in Seattle, we are fully bound by the laws of the United States and with an office in Canada, we are also bound by the laws in Canada. The sites based in Mainland China, Spain and Vietnam can't say the same thing.

Our mission:

Our mission is plain and simple: to provide easy access to safe and trusted software. We strive to develop useful tools in order to find programs currently to Windows users.